Fortnite fans have been examining all of the cryptic events in the lead up to and during Season 10 which is giving more evidence of alternate universes colliding.

Even though players keep an eye out for the battle royale’s constant changes to weapons, terrain and the like, Epic Games have always implemented various story elements to the game – even if they don’t make any sense at the time.

But that hasn’t stopped the game’s faithful community to take a closer inspection at all of the clues the devs have left on the table, that could signal a major change to the island soon.

The interdimensional crisis in Fortnite will either be resolved or made much, much worse. Credit: Epic Games

Taking clues from an in-depth analysis by Redditor ‘lavamanthegreat_,’ Fortnite fan ‘ArrowSharpPoint’ mapped out a really great theory that explains all of the strange changes in seasons past connecting them to The Visitor.

It’s no secret that the presence of the Visitor and the Scientist have thrown the Fortnite map in turmoil, as desert landscapes completely took over lush green environments, POIs with entirely different themes like Viking Village emerged, and Tacos were mysteriously introduced.

But the theory suggests that an experiment gone wrong started to warp and merge various alternate timelines of the Fortnite map throughout the game’s seasons.

My Theory on the Seven Universes. Credit to u/lavamanthegreat for the idea. Put your name suggestions for X below. from r/FortNiteBR

Taking hints from the leaked transcripts of Overtime Challenges “Out of Time Missions” recordings, the mysterious character seems to be attempting to solve an interdimensional catastrophe.

Their progress, however, is being perpetually halted since every failed attempt to “synchronize the Junction” seems to be erasing their memory.

With all of Season X’s events and leaks signaling there will be a major “end” in Fortnite, it could be that the endgame events will solve the interdimensional crisis.

Though what this could mean for the story in Season 11 is largely unclear. Epic Games typically work out narrative structures with multiple seasons in mind, meaning there’s bound to be a cohesive resolution as the game’s story unfolds.

While Season 10 has introduced a swarm of unpopular decisions for the battle royale, this theory suggests Epic Games are looking to layout a major turning point in the game’s story.

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