Well, it seems that Cloakzy was absolutely right in his calculations for the Fortnite World Cup’s scheduling. Epic Games has confirmed that the World Cup will be played over the course of three seasons of Fortnite.

Epic Games recently revealed that the pre-registration for tickets to the Fortnite World Cup Finals is now live for a short period of time. In the same statement, they revealed a key piece of information about the entirety of the World Cup.

Here’s the most important part from their post in regards to this articles:

“All ticketed fans who attend the three day event will receive V-Bucks and a Season 10 Battle Pass (must be present to claim items).”

The statement essentially confirms that the Fortnite World Cup will be played over THREE different Seasons of Fortnite.

This may not jump out at the casual player as something overly important, but let us explain the significance.

What are Epic Games thinking with this non-competitive friendly move?

The move by Epic Games makes it virtually impossible for pros to efficiently practice their gameplay. The meta will change completely (due to the heavy impact of Fortnite’s seasonal patches with changes to nearly every aspect of gameplay) three times for the World Cup.

The first events will begin on April 13th on Season 8 of Fortnite. These will be played with Ballers, widely considered overly casual/easy ways to gain points by the majority of Fortnite’s competitive community.

The middle of the World Cup will be played on Season 9, bringing all new mobility, weapons, and balance changes.

Then, the meta will change again! For the Finals of the Fortnite World Cup!

As Cloakzy put it, this will make the whole event impossible to practice for. It will also allow players that don’t deserve points/positioning to rise up through the ranks of the World Cups if Epic introduces something over-powered/easy-to-use into the game (remember the Infinite Blade disaster?).

We have one simple question for Epic Games. Why are you doing this and neglecting the advice of eSports experts?

Fortnite World Cup
Fortnite World Cup Events start on April 13th

Epic Games could ensure a more competitive schedule by allowing the main game to progress through its Seasons, while the competitive scene’s game will be frozen on Season 8, patch 8.20 (or 8.30).

The rampant changing of the gameplay throughout the event will lead to sub-par gameplay. The best players may not come out on top and the results of the event will be written off as a fluke by many fans.

This news actually comes on top of other game-changing news for Fortnite right before the first World Cup events. Leaks revealed that vehicles will be getting changes just prior to the World Cup…instead of two-three weeks ago when players were asking for quick fixes.

In addition, Epic Games neglected to address ‘Stretched Resolution’ and FOV complaints, allowing players to practice and get used to the new way of playing. They then revealed, just last week, that they will disallow ‘stretched-res’ right before the World Cup in patch v8.30.

Not to mention the massive change of the respawns being introduced into the game with patch v8.30.

Don’t call this competitive, Epic Games. Imagine if FIFA wildly changed rules for the World Cup right before AND during the event. People would be rightly outraged.

We hope to see Epic Games change their direction for the game’s competitive cycle and World Cup schedule quickly. While we are excited for the Fortnite World Cup, the lead-up is not pretty and could end in a debacle for Epic Games.

Tensions have high as Epic Games repeatedly has missed the mark for both the casual and competitive communities of Fortnite…and this surely will not help calm the fans.

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  1. oh well guess you are gonna not compete if you don’t like it’s gonna be over 3 seasons. (Idk I’m causal and have not touched arena at all!)

  2. So, this will benefit those, who can adapt. Not using the same meta, overpracticed in playground for months – this is the parrot’s way. There is no meta for real life. Or real sport, for what matters. You have to adapt, life and tactics are changing. That is competitive. As simple as it is. But, I can understand the whining, there is prestige, and more to that: money is at stake. And money killed real sport, and so is doing with esport.

    • So what you are saying that if you are in the NFL, then all of a sudden they change the weight of the ball DRASTICALLY, “OH YEA SHIT, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO ADAPT TO THAT.” Fucking retard gtfo with ur 10 iq logic

      • I do not know about NFL, but I do know something about football. Mean soccer. And in soccer yes, they change the rules, the ball size and weight and so on. A static game dies. A pro is a pro because he can adapt to changing situations, not because he can learn to adapt just one kind of situation, where skybase and doublepmp is the winner every time. . That’s what a good fighter also does, And Fortnite is a fighting game is it not? Bet, you have never been in a fire fight, or even shoot a real gun. Because that is also not static. Even bloom is present in real life guns.

  3. That statement literally never confirmed anything. It basically says you’ll get a battle pass for a later season. They’re probably planning, as you stated, to just have the competitive mode use a different build than the main one.
    As for vehicles, the source did say that the changes could be tested in Creative.

  4. I’ll be playing in it (yeah, I think I’m that good.) and it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it bothers other players.

    I played competitive Starcraft and the meta shifted on a per-patch basis. The same 4-gate cheese last week probably wouldn’t work at next week’s tournament. This hasn’t really been far from that, aside from the Sword-oopsie. Players at a high enough skill level need to adapt, whining and complaining constantly only shows a lack of motivation. Laziness breeds incompetence.


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