Fortnite is expanding its competitive ‘Search and Destroy’ playlist with pro organizations, streamers, and more.

‘Search and Destroy’ was a near-immediate hit when it was released on February 5. The only issue was the length of the game, which Epic addressed with a hotfix soon after the update went live.

This game mode is a refreshing break from Battle Royale. The same mechanics of Fortnite apply, but it’s a very different setting for them.

Today, February 7, we learned that Practice Server has teamed up with Fortnite to host a competitive S&D match featuring pros like Reversan, Zayt, and Saf. You can find out more about that here.

Epic Games

After the announcement, however, Epic added some ‘Practice Search and Destroy’ modes to the ‘compete’ tab in Fortnite. According to data miner Hypex, the addition included names of streamers and organizations like 100 Thieves and FaZe Clan.

Epic might be putting a bit of weight behind the Search and Destroy game mode, which would be a welcome change for the viewing public.

We don’t have any more information on these tournaments, when they’ll happen, or who exactly is involved. All we know is that they could begin, shortly.

Stay tuned for more information about competitive Search and Destroy tournaments. In all likelihood, regular players like you and me will be able to play in a few of them.

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