Epic has adjusted the Search and Destroy game mode along with fixing a game-breaking phasing bug.

Most players assumed that Fortnite v11.50 was going to be a drastic shift from the game that we’d been playing for over two years. When the patch finally came out, we saw that little had changed.

Epic could be holding off until Season 2 before they make any sweeping changes, which makes sense. Why would they completely overhaul the game’s physics right before a new season begins?

One thing that the update did, however, was to introduce a host of new bugs to Fortnite. There’s a long list of issues – some send you through the map and others make farming more difficult. The most game-breaking bug allowed you to phase through structures as if they weren’t even there.

This was a rough one. Epic needed to get on top of the bug quickly and, to their credit, they did. They released a hotfix for the issue a few hours after the patch came out.

There are still several other bugs plaguing Fortnite at the moment. The most annoying one, to me, is weak points in structures failing to register. This bug makes farming far more difficult and only seems to affect some of the players in a match.

Search and Destroy

Anyone who played the new Search and Destroy game mode before around 7 PM EST on February 5 may have noticed that the matches took forever. Players on the losing team would almost always quit before the game ended.

When Search and Destroy released, the winning team had to win seven rounds. Epic pushed a hotfix to lower the rounds to ‘best of seven,’ rather than ‘first to seven.’

Search and Destroy is an entertaining break from the base Fortnite game, but the rounds were far too long before the hotfix. It’s good to see Epic quickly responded to community feedback like this.

Now, all that’s left is for the Fortnite team to iron out the rest of the kinks in the v11.50 update. Hopefully, all of the major bugs will be out of the game by Season 2.

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