Well, we’ve got an unusual sighting of a ‘sea monster’ in Fortnite…and it’s carrying Polar Peak on its back! These are strange days indeed.

Epic Games loves hyping up events through long and elaborate methods. Season 8’s Volcano event was hinted at over 20 times before its climax and the ‘Cattus’ (Iceberg monster) event seems to be much the same.

Slowly, we’ve been getting some little leaks of details here and there. Recent files showed the Cattus’ footprints and some of the destruction of its awakening. But, there may be another monster among us, waiting to strike.

Fortnite Sea Monster Spotted with Polar Peak

You would be forgiven for thinking the title is either wrong or ill-worded. We can confirm that this is not the case. Players have indeed spotted a ‘Sea Monster of Fortnite’ swimming around in the oceans around the island.

Additionally, the monster seems to be carrying Polar Peak with it! The location’s grand tower can be seen atop the monster’s back!

Spotted the Sea Monster swimming around with Polar Peak from r/FortNiteBR

The Polar Peak parts shown the monster’s back were removed during the v9.20 downtime. Now, this sighting confirms that a sea monster has stolen the tower and is swimming around with the structure. Why? We may soon find out.

It’s a really cool easter egg for the most eagle-eyed players to see. Does it give us much information about the Cattus event? No, not really. In fact, it opens up even more questions.

What is the ‘Sea Monster?’ Will there be a giant battle of gigantic monsters at the end of Season 9? How will the event affect the Fortnite map and the game’s lore?

All those questions will be answered in due time as Epic continues to tease us with little snippets of new information about the Cattus event. We’ll keep you informed of everything here on FortniteINTEL.com and on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.