Epic Games has shared a Development Roadmap for Fortnite Save The World which states their plans and upcoming updates as of April 8th, 2019.

This Save The World Roadmap touches on Epic’s plans for the Save The World mode’s updates from v8.30 all the way to the v8.50 Content Update.

This Roadmap also gives Battle Royale players an idea of when to expect game updates. Check out the full blog post below…

Hey Everyone!

We’re back with another Save the World roadmap! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new highlights in the coming updates:

v8.30 (Week of 4/9)

  • New Legendary Constructor
    • Bolster your armor with this Constructor!
  • New Steampunk Shotgun
    • Double the trouble!
  • Eliminate and Collect
    • Once a Beta Storm.. Now a permanent mission!
    • We’ve made adjustments to this mission based on feedback from the community. Thank you to everyone who contributed!
  • New Beta Storm!

8.40 (Week of 4/16)

  • 2 New Bunny Themed Heroes!
    • Soldier
    • Ninja
  • Rabbit Raider Jonesy (Returning)
  • Easter Egg Launcher (Returning)
    • Lobb proximity eggs at the Husks with this returning Launcher!

8.50 (Week of 4/23)

  • New Steampunk Spear
    • Fear the Steampunk Spear!
  • New Bunny Outlander
  • Miss Bunny Penny (Returning)
    • Penny’s been waiting to break out this outfit… again.
  • Twine Peaks Difficulty Scaling
    • Twine Peaks tweaks!

8.50 Content Update (Week of 4/30)

  • Steampunk Drum Assault Rifle
    • The weapon that you’ve all been waiting for!
      • Remember that one weapon model?

We hope everyone has been enjoying the Love Storm and Yarrr! Questlines. We’ve seen some absolutely incredible fan art that has been created based on these events. We are blown away by these creations and we’re excited to see what else the community creates. Keep them coming!

Additionally, in v8.50 we’re going to be making some tweaks to the end of Twine Peaks which will add higher power level missions towards the top end of the zone. These missions will reward higher grade materials, such as Brightcore and Sunbeam, and is the first iteration of changes we’re making to bring in harder content.

Finally, Season 9 will be including some significant changes to your Storm Shield which opens the door for a new game mode, particularly focused on Storm Shield Defenses. We’ll have more details for you as we approach the new season. We’re also bringing back a highly requested weapon set around this time so be on the lookout! 👀

We’re working on some awesome stuff for the later part of 2019. We’ll provide more details on this in the future.

Stay awesome community!

-Fortnite Team

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  1. I’m geniunely surprised, intel posted STW content here for once. Considering it’s the most underrated game mode in Fortnite.


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