Rumors are circulating around as to what’s happening with Fortnite overall as the Blackout event continues.

A new rumor now going around suggests a big change for the Save the World mode of Fortnite. Epic Games has been teasing that Fortnite’s Save the World campaign will be going free to play at some point in the future, but the company has yet to provide fans with an accurate date.


With the start of the Blackout event in Fortnite, many fans started to notice that the Save the World campaign and purchasing options have been removed from all stores.

The PlayStation 4 Store no longer lets you buy any of the Save The World Founder’s Pack or its additional add on content available for the game. The Xbox One store now says you must redeem a code to get Save the World. And the Epic Games store has fully removed the ability to find Save the World.

The Save the World pack for Fortnite has been available between $39.99 through $79.99 with different editions of the game for players to pick from. Epic has provided fans with additional bonus content if they were “Save the World Founders” with exclusive cosmetic items in Battle Royale mode.

The Fortnite Blackout continues with servers are down with no new updates as to when this entire event will end. Rumors suggest that Chapter 2 of the Fortnite is set to begin soon.

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