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Fortnite Save the World Halloween Quests Leaked For Fortnitemares 2018



Data-miners associated with StormShieldOne have found upcoming Halloween Quests related to Save the World – Fortnite’s co-op survival gamemode.

StormShieldOne have found upcoming Side Quests and Quests related to Fortnite’s annual Halloween celebration – just a day after Halloween cosmetics for Battle Royale – Fortnite’s more popular gamemode – were leaked.

The quests, which are below, seem to be somewhat simple. Note that they contain info such as upcoming Pumpkin Husks, which will be new enemies in the game-mode for Halloween. They will most likely just be a Husk with a pumpkin on their head – similar to the Birthday Husks.

NameFight Pumpkin with Pumpkin
DescriptionThe crisp fall air must be emboldening the husks. Apparently, jack o’ lanterns weren’t enough for these monsters. Now they’re hoarding candy. Get out there and clear some husk encampments!
Power Level9
6Clear 6 Husk Encampments in High Threat (or higher) Stonewood
2Complete 2 High Threat (or higher) Missions in Stonewood


NameGrim Harvest
DescriptionFor every pumpkin husk we smash, two more appear! We need to get to the root of the situation before we’re overrun. Collect any glowing pumpkins you see. We need to do some research.
Power Level3
10Collect 10 Pumpkin Heads in Stonewood
2Complete 2 Low Threat (or higher) Missions in Stonewood


NameLobber Hunt
DescriptionIt’s a destructive season, Commander. Time to create Pumpkin Warheads. You will need them to create the Jack-O-Launcher schematic. Go to the Vault, select Transform, and then select the Pumpkin Warhead. You will need to consume some items and candy to make them. Once you have created enough Pumpkin Warheads, select Transform and create the Jack-O-Launcher schematic. Once you’ve crafted the Jack-O-Launcher, go fight the Lobbers!
Power Level15
1Craft the Jack-O-Launcher
6Kill 6 Lobbers in Very High Threat Stonewood with a Jack-O-Launcher
1Complete 1 Very High Threat Mission in Stonewood


NameSecrets Taken to the Grave
DescriptionAs I suspected, these pumpkins are evil. Which gives me an idea. If you can find missing step of the Jack-O-Launcher schematic, you can build the perfect weapon. Try looking somewhere spooky like the suburbs.
1Search Gravestones for the Epitaph in Stonewood
3Complete 3 High Threat (or higher) Missions in Stonewood


NamePumpkin Head
DescriptionWe’ve got reports of husks wearing costumes… and it’s really, really bad for morale. Sacking our planet was one thing, but getting in the holiday spirit? It’s bumming everyone out. Get out there and smash those pumpkin heads!
20Kill 20 Pumpkin Husks in Stonewood
2Complete 2 Missions in Stonewood


NameFright Zone
DescriptionNow that we’ve defeated the Lobbers in Stonewood, let’s take the fight to the husks in Plankerton.
Power Level28
5Complete 5 Medium Threat (or higher) Missions in Plankerton


NameTrick or Treat
DescriptionSurvivors need us now more than ever, Commander. Let’s rescue them. Rumor has it, they have some candy.
Power Level5
15Save 15 Survivors
3Complete 3 Medium Threat (or higher) Missions in Stonewood


Name(temp) Halloween Pumpkin Husks
Description(temp) Collect 40 fallen pumpkins from Pumpkin Husks in Transylvania
40(temp) Collect 40 fallen Pumpkins from Pumpkin Husks in Transylvania, requires successful mission


Name(temp) Halloween Gather Quest 6
Description(temp) gather objects by harvesting \X\ in transylvania
10(temp) Collect \X\ by harvesting \Y\ in Transylvania, requires successful mission


Name(TEMP) New Vlad Quest
Description(TEMP) Quest Description
1Eliminate Vlad in a successful mission


NameThe Haunting Never Dies
DescriptionYou are now ready to take on the hauntings in Canny Valley. Take down the husks, Commander. Master your fears!
Power Level58
5Complete 5 Medium Threat (or higher) Missions in Canny Valley

What do you think of these quests? Of course, some of them are subject to change – but some of them clearly mention Fortnitemares in the data, almost confirming that the event will return this year in time for Halloween.


Grotto beef 2.0: Tfue, Scoped & Inno dismantle ZexRow, Mackwood & Calc

Tfue, Scoped, and Innocents establish their dominance at The Grotto, this time, against ZexRow, Mackwood, and Calc.



You know what they say: the sequel is never as good as the original. Those who have been following the professional Fortnite scene will remember the last FNCS competition, where Tfue and Scoped battled Chap and Av for control of one of the most powerful POIs on the map: The Grotto.

This was a true rivalry, with Chap and Av taking some weeks and Tfue and Scoped taking others. Epic knew what the viewers wanted to see when it came time for Finals, putting them in the same heat with one another.

That rivalry ended with Chap and Av backing off, conceding The Grotto to Tfue and Scoped. There was a sizeable amount of trash talk, emoting, and salt, but it was good fun for everyone at the end of the day.

Now, the professional community is, largely, looking right past FNCS Solos toward the announcement of Trios in Season 4. Pros are scrimmaging in this mode on a nightly basis, and you can probably guess where Tfue, Scoped, and new teammate, Innocents, are landing.

The Grotto is widely known to contain some of the best loot on the map. Not only do you leave with Brutus’ Minigun – arguably the most powerful Mythic weapon in Fortnite – but you have a massive vault, a ton of ID Chests, Heavy Snipers, Miniguns, and more.

Some of the other pros in the community threw indirect shots at The Grotto Squad. Specifically, Zayt posted a tweet that seemed to be directed at Tfue and company. Tfue responded by sub-tweeting him back, “Contest us or stop b****in.”

To their credit, the team of ZexRow, Mackwood, and Yung Calc took Tfue up on the challenge. The Trio were unfamiliar with landing at The Grotto in a competitive environment – something that will become clear when you watch the clips of their first battle.

As ZexRow stated on Twitter, the team was “just trying out the most busted spot.” They wanted to see if they had what it took to contest Tfue, Inno, and Scoped. As it turns out, they did not.

(0:22 for mobile viewers)

The new battle seemed to make Tfue miss the old rivalry with Chap. He even offered an extremely backhanded compliment to Chap, saying, “Chap might be f***in’ dogs*** but Grotto’s all IQ – it’s all knowledge. And he’s smart so he can actually contest us reasonably.”

Up to this point, you may have thought we were being hyperbolic with the title of this article. “Dismantles” might seem a bit harsh, but there’s no other word for it. The contesting team was so defeated that Mackwood and ZexRow dropped Yun Calc after this bout of pro scrims.

This doesn’t seem to be a joke, either. Calc also posted that he needs a new Trio. The three of them appear to be finished – at least for the time being.

We’ll have to see if any other pros decide to contest Tfue, Scoped, and Innocents. It’s great content when they do, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Let’s hope that the next contenders are ready for a fight.

Tfue and Scoped have been landing at The Grotto all season. It’s going to take some grinders who are willing to get familiar with the area. The only hope, in our eyes, seems to be the return of Chap or MrSavage at LAN – neither of which seems likely for the rest of Season 2.

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Speculating on the rumored Flare Gun in Fortnite Season 3

How do you think the rumored Flare Gun will work in Fortnite Season 3?



Fortnite Season 3 has been delayed by an extra week, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate about what it will bring. We’ve seen leaks and rumors that revolve around a flooded map, seemingly confirmed by the early release of the Season 3 icon on the PlayStation store.

One of the Season 3 leaks includes mention of a Flare Gun, which has a portion of the community guessing as to how it will work. Here’s one speculation from Reddit user u/DaBobbyKing.

Via: u/DaBobbyKing

We think these numbers seem reasonable, but that this isn’t the only application of the Flare Gun. We think that it will be similar to the Harpoon Gun in more ways than one.

In our opinion, the Flare Gun will be used for a new mechanic in Fortnite Season 3. It could even have a single use and trigger a Supply Drop, similar to Loadout Drops in WarZone.

This is only working within the confines of the mechanics from Seasons 1 and 2. It could be related to something entirely new – the same way that fishing was added to Chapter 2 Season 1.

Either way, we’re looking at the rumored Flare Gun through the same lense as the Harpoon Gun. We predict that it will be a support item first and a weapon second. Sure, you can deal some damage with it, but more players will use it for its primary feature.

What will that feature be? Until June 17, your guess is as good as ours. Let us know in the Twitter replies and comments.

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Epic Games

Fortnite players claim Epic missed an opportunity with Season 3 delay

Some Fortnite fans are claiming that the Season 3 delay was a “missed opportunity” to raise money for charity.



On June 3, we learned that Epic Games were postponing Fortnite Season 3 due to the current climate and protests against police brutality in the United States. The season was set to release on June 11 but has been pushed another week until June 17.

This is the third time that Season 2 has been extended, nearing Chapter 2 Season 1 as the longest season in Fortnite history. Despite the delay being predicted and understandable, Fortnite players were disappointed to hear the news.

Following the delay, many Fortnite players took to social media to express their frustrations. Some even called this a “missed opportunity” for Epic Games to incite some genuine change with their massive platform.

Several posts hit the r/FortniteBR subreddit that suggested that Epic should have released the season as planned and donated a portion of their Battle Pass proceeds to related charities.

Two posts, specifically, called out Epic Games for this missed opportunity, including one from @KudosOnYT and another from u/ViangelPlaysGamesYT. Both posts have since been removed by moderators of the subreddit.

The post by ViangelPlaysGamesYT suggested that Epic add something to the Item Shop to generate money for charity instead of delaying the season and “really changing nothing.”

Electronic Arts, with all of the hate they get in the gaming community for their microtransactions, announced that they’d be donating $1 million to charity and “double match any funds that you donate to these and any other local organizations through our YourCause program during the month of June.” They announced several related initiatives in their blog post as well.

Credit: Epic Games

We’ll have to see if Epic take any of these suggestions to heart. As of now, a chunk of the community tends to view the Season 3 delay under a selfish light – that Epic didn’t want the new Fortnite season overshadowed by real-world events.

Hopefully, that’s not the case and we see some sort of related charitable efforts from Epic and other studios and publishers in the wake of recent events. The opportunity is not completely missed, yet.

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