Llamas aren’t the same as you’re used to anymore on Fortnite Save the World.

Loot boxes have long been a controversial topic in video games ever since the rise of free-to-play titles.

Some countries now require developers and publishers to put the actual odds on the boxes now, essentially taking away a lot of the mystery.

Epic Games has decided to change up the way llamas work in their Save the World version of Fortnite by allowing players to see the contents before they purchase.

These llamas will be called X-Ray llamas going forward and will now show you everything that’s inside before you make the purchase.

If you don’t like the offering all you’ll have to do is wait until the store refreshes for more items.

The price of llamas will remain the same with the only change being you see what you’ll be getting.

As an added bonus, all existing Save the World players will receive 5 free Llama Upgrade Tokens to try out the new system.

The llama changes will go live in Save the World update v7.30.

Writer for FortniteIntel. You can find him on Twitter @elibecht