It seems that almost every aspect of Fortnite is getting some sort of challenges now. The upcoming Ruin Discovery skin has had challenges linked to it leaked by data miners.


Patches in Fortnite generally bring in some leaks due to the way Epic’s file structure is set up. It’s a bit porous on purpose to allow for eagle eyed data miners to get tidbits from the new files.

v8.40 released early on Wednesday, April 17th and included quite a few leaks including sound files connected to future events and challenges for various activities.

Ruin Skin Challenges Leaked

It seems that Epic is rather fond of their challenge system and has begun to rapidly expand its use.

Discovery Skins in Fortnite are generally unlocked by completing a certain number of Weekly Challenges (55 for the Season 8 Battle Pass).

This time, according to leaks, the skin itself will also include a set of challenges. This is something that Epic has not done before, but might become a trend from here on out.

The leak comes courtesy of @FortTory on Twitter.

The challenges probably require the player to equip the Ruin Skin. The list of the challenges is quite generic with objectives that are typically found in Daily Challenges.

The full list of Ruin Challenges is as follows:

  • Destroy trees – 0/50
  • Destroy rocks – 0/35
  • Destroy cars, trucks, or RVs – 0/20
  • Deal damage to opponents structures – 0/10000
  • Outlast Opponents – 0/1000
  • Complete Daily Challenges – 0/5

The lengthy-ish task of outlasting 1000 opponents suggests that these challenges will be similar to the Style XP challenges for previous Season skins. These challenges never expire and can be completely in any Season.

What’s the reward for the challenges?

Everyone likes a good reward for their efforts!

The rewards for completing the Challenges can now be seen in-game.

Players will have to go to the Style section of the Challenges tab. Ruin will likely be listed first from left to right. Click/Press on the Ruin card to enter the challenges menu.

Upon completing 3 challenges, the player will earn a black/red/orange lava-like Back Bling.

Once you’ve completed all 6 of the challenges, you will receive a new Pickaxe. The Pickaxe follows the same theme as the Back Bling with lava textures and obsidian rock.

Here are some leaked images courtesy of @ShiinaBR:

What do you think of these new challenges for Discovery Skins? Are they worth completing for a few extra goodies or are they too much work for you to bother?

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