One creative Fortnite fan has come with a hilarious idea for the upcoming map changes once the Rift Beacons at Paradise Palms and the Ice Lake activate.

Throughout Fortnite Season X, Epic Games have given fans map changes in the form of Rift Zones. We’ve seen Retail Row make a return and even a crossover with Borderlands 3 with ‘Pandora’ coming to Fortnite Battle Royale.

These changes are teased in advance as Rift Beacons spawn across the map at new locations. During season ten’s week six of content, two currently be found at Paradise Palms and the Ice Lake – and they are pretty parallel in their locations. That has inspired one Redditor to conjure up some of the most unique map changes idea yet.

Image via Fortnite

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user duskyxlops dropped their concept on fans – pointing out that if the rift beacons activate together, they could prompt a corrupted rift zone, like how the indoor soccer stadium was replaced a crater. 

If the same thing happened this time around, the two locations – Paradise Palms and the Ice Lake – could swap places and head to the other side of the map. That would, of course, drop Paradise in the middle of the snow and a vast lake in the middle of the sweltering desert. 

Would be really funny if this happened since two rift beacons activated at once from r/FortNiteBR

While duskyxlops’ first idea may have seemed drastic, they came up with another bright suggestion a little later and decided to take things even further. 

With the redditor’s second concept, the two rift beacons would cause the Desert and Snow biomes – in their current forms – to swap places completely. That would mean the Snow would sit below Lonely Lodge and the Desert would move to sit below Snobby shores.

Rift Beacon malfunction part 2. The Rift Beacons activate at the same time completely swapping both biomes from r/FortNiteBR

Both ideas would certainly be unique, and pretty funny if Epic decided to put Paradise Palms in the middle of the cold and ice.

However, it appears pretty clear that they will be replaced by crossover Rift Zones in the coming map changes. Plenty of details have already been leaked about ‘Moisty Palms’ which will see Paradise crossed with that classic Moisty Mire point of interest.

On the flip side of things, that ever-popular Greasy Grove looks set to return in place of the Ice lake that currently stands at the bottom of the broken Polar Peak.