Most shooters have some sort of stat to record when players do damage to an opponent without getting the kill, not Fortnite.

Assists are usually tracked to lessen the impact of “kill-stealing” on the scoreboard in a game like Call of Duty.

But now that Fortnite has added immediate rewards to players who get kills, it might be time to start looking at adding assists as well.

If you’ve played enough duo or squad games with your friends, a time has probably come up where one friend gloats about their kill count and another says they just got the lucky last shots.

Ultimately kills didn’t affect anything more than clout on a game-to-game basis.

However, now kills come with a reward of 50 health or shield, meaning kill-stealing could actually put a player at a disadvantage.

This concept from yaboipig would give players who deal a certain amount of damage to an enemy who is eliminated a consolation prize of 25 health or shield.

Assists. Only applies in team based game modes. from r/FortNiteBR

The concept is simple and clearly quite popular based on the response received.

But there is one distinct problem with this concept and it could be the reason it will never be implemented into the game.

If the player who gets the elimination still receives 50 health or shield then the best strategy for a team will be sharing kills in this way to maximize their health.

Especially if the damage is counted on downed players, this concept would create easily-abused strategies.

With the World Cup coming up, anything that could possibly give a team an edge will absolutely be explored and the assist concept could be just that.

It would still be an interesting concept though. Do you want to see it in the game?

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