The Fortnite Chapter 2 overtime challenges require you to visit three bus stops in a single match. Here are the bus stop locations for Remedy vs Toxin.

It’s overtime season again – and this time it’s going to be longer than usual. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is set to be the longest Fortnite season since the game came out, so Epic had to pack it full of challenges for us to complete.


We still have a month left in the season, so this list of challenges probably isn’t the last. Most of the Remedy vs Toxin challenges are relatively easy, but a couple of them require a guide to finish.

It would be a bit difficult to find three bus stops close together without looking it up online. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

There is a bus stop located at the south end of Pleasant Park, the north end of Salty Springs, and next to the western bridge leading over to Pleasant Park.

You could complete this challenge in a normal game, but you have to be ready for a fight. Pleasant and Salty are two of the more popular locations on the map. It would be much easier to finish this one in a Team Rumble match.

Remember that you have to unlock this challenge first. You’ll need to complete several other overtime challenges before attempting this one, so don’t waste your time before you have to!

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