Players who load up Fortnite on July 17 were welcomed to an upgraded UI menu system which will allow fans to navigate the game more efficiently.

A user interface is used to help a computer system interact with its user. In this case, that is Fortnite’s menu system.

Players have had to previously click around the menu system in order to access their audio settings, friends list, and more.

With Fortnite’s v9.40 update, players will now be welcomed by two full menus in the main lobby.

The left panel will display players’ social list which will allow people to quickly add or invite players. In this panel, fans can also access their audio settings to mute themselves or others.

Image of Fortnite’s new UI system from v9.40.

Next, the right panel comfortably allows Fortnite players to quickly adjust settings, report a player, submit feedback, and more.

Epic Games broke down all of the v9.40 UI changes in their patch note blog which said:

“Escape Menu & Social Panel updates:

  • The input action that would bring up either the Escape Menu or Social Panel will now bring up both of them in the lobby and while in a match.
  • A third tab has been added to the Social Panel. It contains all voice chat-related functionalities.
  • The Escape Menu and Top Bar received a visual update.”

The new changes are definitely an upgrade to the previous UI system, which was confusing to operate and navigate.

With July 17’s update, hopefully, players will be able to quickly adjust whatever settings they need so they can pop back into a Battle Royale game and earn a Victory Royale.

Saturday, July 20, will be a packed day as Fortnite’s next in-game event is expected to kick off around 3 pm ET.

We have no idea what Epic Games have in store for us, but we expect Fortnite’s tenth season to be full of great content!

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