Fortnite has achieved a new milestone according to a report by Bloomberg. The massively popular Battle Royale game which launched a little more than a year ago has reached over 200 million players!

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode took the world by storm in early 2018; kids, basketball stars, teachers, and probably even your grandma have at least heard of Fortnite.

As of November 2018, Fortnite has reached 200 million players; nearly equal to the population of Brazil. In June 2018 Fortnite had 125 million registered players, making this a 60% increase. That’s more than 5 times that player count Epic reported in January 2018.

On top of this, Epic Games is doing very well financially thanks to Fortnite. While Fortnite is a free-to-play game for all mainstream platforms, it generates money using in-game items and currency.

In October 2018, Epic Games raised $1.25 billion from an investor group which included KKR & Co., Vulcan Capital and Kleiner Perkins. This put Epic Games at nearly a $15 billion value.

While many players vocalize their worries and frustration with the game, this proves that Fortnite is very far from being “dead”. What many don’t realize is that there’s a lot more players than you see talking on Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.

What are your thoughts on Fortnite’s success? Are you among those who feel that Fortnite is “dying”, or do you realize that maybe you’re just outgrowing the game?

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