Fortnite has released a lot of skins since it’s Battle Royale release in 2017. You’ve played the game, bought some skins, and now it’s time to test your knowledge with a Fortnite skin quiz.

Epic Games has released well over 300 skins for Fortnite through Item Shops sale, Battle Passes, and promotions. The sheer number of skins available is actually quite impressive and it’s definitely been a worthwhile venture for the company.

The model of free-to-play with professionally designed, A-grade cosmetics is quickly becoming an industry standard. With production quality like Epic’s, who can resist buying at least a couple of these great products?

Now, do you think you know everything there is to know about Fortnite’s skins? Do you have what it takes to pass our Fortnite Skin Quiz? (You can find the quiz at the bottom of the page).

What might this one be named? Hmm. – Via ProGameGuides

You’d better come equipped with knowledge that stretches back to seasons past. Don’t worry, the quiz’s results can’t be seen by anyone except yourself (unless you decide to broadcast them voluntarily).

The quiz contains a mix of easy and hard questions. You’ll definitely breeze past a few of these, but we suspect there are a couple that might stump you.

The challenge is made up of 20 questions, all with four possible selection each. Some question styles are repeated throughout the quiz, but we tried to keep it fresh and new as possible every step of the way.

Our quiz shows you the correct answer after each selection. This way you’ll learn a little even if you happen to get something wrong.

If you do decide to tell us how you did, you can do so by tweeting us the result at @FortniteINTEL or simply leave a reply in the comments section below. We’re excited to see how you do and we might even publish a general overview of how the community did as a whole.

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