Cloud 9 professional Fortnite Battle Royale player Keeoh pulled off what may be the greatest trickshot ever, involving a Driftboard and two different long range rifles.

While not as prominent as in other shooter games, such as Call of Duty, trickshotting is something that players still love to try to pull off in Fortnite.

That trend has only gone up since Epic Games unvaulted the Hunting Rifle near the start of Season X, as its ADS functionality makes it a strong option when attempting extraordinary snipes.

The old-school rifle played a key role in Cloud9 pro Keeoh’s incredible feat on September 19, which definitely deserves a spot in the Fortnite trickshotting hall of fame.

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The Hunting Rifle is definitely one of the better weapon choices for trickshotting (Epic Games)

The clip started with the pro player launching himself into the sky using the Driftboard’s acceleration boost property, and after doing a couple of aerial flips, he noticed a player gliding down not too far away.

Using a Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle, he landed a clean shot on the enemy for 157 points of damage, wiping their Shield protection right off.

As if that snipe wasn’t outstanding enough, he then quickly swapped to a Hunting Rifle and nailed another shot, eliminating the player while they were both still midair.

Finally landing on the ground, Keeoh could do nothing but sit there with a stunned reaction pasted on his face, as he tried to process the incredibly difficult shot combination he had just managed to pull off.

Naturally, this clip was posted on Reddit and it began to gain traction right away, as others were equally amazed at what they had just been made witness too.

Reddit user ‘Osrsdoesntcare‘ was really speaking for everyone when he wrote: “The odds of just hitting one alone, but two! Go to a casino and put all your life savings on green.”

While there may be admitedly some debate as to whether this can be considered the greatest trickshot in Fortnite history, there is no doubting that it’s definitely up there, and it’s certainly a feat that Kreeoh will remember for the rest of his gaming career.

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