So, the first week of the Fortnite World Cup did not go very smoothly. In fact, alleged hackers qualified for the World Cup or attempted to do so. To say the least, pros aren’t happy about this.

The Fortnite World Cup kicked off on the weekend of April 13th and it went about as well as everyone expected. An unmitigated disaster for all involved.

New spectators criticized the game for being non-competitive, players were unable to finish 10 games and forced kill themselves in-game, and now…hackers.

Pros are livid about this scandal…with good reason

Imagine if you had worked your behind off to make it to the top. Let’s say your school’s football team had struggled to grind to the state championships…and then it turns out the other team just paid to get there.

That’s how Fortnite pros are currently feeling about the hacking situation in the Fortnite World Cup.

Two different players have now been caught allegedly hacking in the World Cup qualifier. Johnny TK (Team Kaliber has already released him from their org) and DubsFN. Below is some of the possible proof that is taking down DubsFN:

Pro players are obviously not happy about this as they played legitimately…and many of them didn’t qualify due to various issues.

When Tfue heard the news, he took a sarcastic jab at the accused cheater. It’s a lot easier to win with a hacker on your side.

FaZe Avery, a key influencer, had strong words to direct towards Epic Games in reply to the allegations against DubsFN. We can’t say he’s wrong. Epic Games has remained silent on these issues and continues to ignore the competitive community at almost every turn.

CLG’s Wish made an extremely important point about the hackers that haven’t been found yet. If Epic has let two slip past the radar already…how many more might be looking to qualify in the coming weeks?

Popular Fortnite player and member of Luminosity Gaming, SypherPK also made a quip about Epic’s lack of support and allowance of possible cheating in the World Cup.

Epic, It’s Time to Shut This Down…For Now

The following is our opinion and does not reflect the opinions of the pros (though we suspect they might agree).

Photo of DubsFN playing Fortnite – via ThatsNonsense

Epic, it is time to shut down the Fortnite World Cup events until you can get your act together.

Hacking in qualifiers for the biggest eSports event of all time is not acceptable and it’s becoming more and more legitimate to call Fortnite esports a joke.

The first step would be to ensure that anti-cheat programs are working properly and lock down the game’s code. This might mean less leaks and attention for future releases, but it would make getting into the code much harder.

Second, as Hysteria said on Twitter, the qualifiers for the biggest esports event ever should not be played online. Other esports have created LAN arenas and leagues with far less cash than Epic is making.

We’ll have more to say on this matter in a future article that we’ll link to from here when it is published. We hope Epic takes a serious look at what is going on and begins to make amends fast.

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  1. Well, Fortnite has one of the most safe anti-cheats. You can’t just say that they are not working properly. But I can understand that LAN qualifiers would be muuuch better

      • “some” cheaters xD
        Well many cheaters were caught and there are literally in every online multiplayer cheaters, but Fortnite has the most save anti-cheat, but still it’s not possible to block every cheater because with updates some cheat methods get blocked but also some exploits will be found. You seem like you have no clue of that so you shouldn’t say something against my comment.

          • He is just a lemming who drank the Kool-Aid like so many others that in light of the cheaters, wants Fortnite to be relative. He probably uses cheats himself to artifically create his misperceptions.

        • By your own definition, players are cheating on Fortnite regardless how high you jump for the anti-cheat protocol that is easily exploitable.

    • You drank the Kool-Aid in light of all the recent professionals getting caught, cheating? Face it, kid, you are just easily fooled.


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