Epic Games was doing so well. A couple good updates in a row had people feeling confident the World Cup would run smoothly, then today happened.

In case you haven’t seen, Epic is adding a new item into the game. Air Strikes were leaked a while ago but we weren’t sure how powerful the item was going to be.

The animation looked similar to the Bottle Rockets which were about as underwhelming of an item as they could have been.

But now that we can actually see gameplay of the Air Strikes we can see they pose a significant problem to the competitive community.

Air Strikes best use appears to be destroying massive builds. Many casual players will likely welcome a new item/weapon that helps level that playing field but in Fortnite Esports they are nerfing the most skill-intensive part of the game.

Of course, many players aren’t happy about it.

Before people talk about what the streamers and pro players think, we are just 20 days from the start of the Fortnite World Cup, a tournament every player had to grind to be invited to. I think asking for a fair competitive meta going into this tournament is reasonable.

Best reactions to Air Strikes in Fortnite

You can always trust CouRage to sum up the communities thoughts, this time without even saying a word:

Now they are possible to be countered, a player can just hold turbo build and while they may take some damage, they will probably be ok. So long as they are on the ground, if they are in mid air, the structure could no longer exist around them.

The esports journalism world got in the action as well as an ESPN editor carried the torch of “just adapt lol” and everyone else tried to explain the situation in different ways.

I must have missed a part where two weeks was suddenly enough time to adjust to a significant nerf to building in Fortnite. You know, the mechanic that makes the game unique and separates the good from the great players.

If you want to see the flip side of that, just check out his timeline and the replies because there are few opinions agreeing with him.

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