The Fortnite v10.40 update introduced a major overhaul to the game’s aim assist, prompting huge reactions from the pros and notable players for the game.

Intermittent feuds between the PC community and players rocking a controller on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One have been a longtime fixture in the Fortnite community. Even though PC players enjoy the precision and tracking abilities that a mouse offers, there’s been a rift with the aim assist Epic Games implemented to controller players.

Theres always been a rift in the Fortnite community over the possible advantages a controller provides. Credit: Epic Games

The latest patch is creating a bigger rift within the fan base since Epic Games created a new controller aim assist that will give players “a more consistent feel regardless of (their) target’s range.”

Fortnite pros like FaZe Sway, Thiefs and more don’t seem like they’re looking forward to playing against controller players after the effects of the v10.40 patch.

Both expressed their disdain for the new updates saying “controller players official got buffed” after the update, as Sway issues a brazen advisory for PC players: “LMFAO KEYBOARD PLAYERS ARE F***ED.”

Each highlighted a clip of controller players seamlessly tracking targets high above the ground while moving at fast speeds. In both clips, players can be heard voicing their disbelief at the new aiming system’s effectiveness.

But there are players from both sides of the aisle thinking the whole “PC versus Console” debates are starting to get tired out.

LG’s Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan hit out at the outrage for the new changes, seeing as complaints might be getting out of hand.

“Everyone posting clips of them beaming people with the new controller update but they’re shooting people who are gliding predictably and it’s only 1 kill,” Sypher said.

Meanwhile, popular Fortnite streamer NICKMERCS had a casual way of denouncing all of the ire that’s been consuming the Fortnite community. 

“Keyboard players spend wayyy too much time bitchin’ about controller players man,” NICKMERCS said. “A few of us qualify for every major tournament, it ain’t that serious. And if it was, you‘d all be rockin’ controller. ”

The ongoing debate is sure to ramp up again in the weeks following Fortnite’s new patch and the implementation of the new aim assist system.

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