Fortnite drama is always fun but when the conversation devolves from talking about aim assist to possible racism, it gets serious.

The debate started with Ghost Issa posting clips from three games he played without aim assist.

This has been an ongoing debate in the Fortnite community for a while. PC players call aim assist OP while controller players say it helps but doesn’t make up for the difference between aiming with a mouse and with joysticks.

Apparently the aim assist comments had gotten to Issa who wanted to show that he is still an incredibly talented player without the setting turned on.

It was a pretty reasonable tweet to make, but the replies began a shitstorm.

Fnatic’s Pr0vokd kicked it off continuing the debate around aim assist. (If aim assist is so broken, why don’t most players use controllers?)

After a while of going back and forth with Morgausse chiming in defending Issa and FaZe Vorwenn coming to the side of Pr0vokd.

The debate reached another level when Issa brought up who had – and hadn’t – qualified for the World Cup.

They spent a while talking about who is and isn’t consistent but all the players are incredible, that goes without saying.

Now it’s really getting spicy. But it still was going to go further. I mentioned the racism in the top of the article and we are finally to that point. It wasn’t anybody who was in the conversation to this point but another Fortnite pro named BloodxEU who competes for E11 Gaming.

After Issa dropped that bomb, Benjyfishy, The Fortnite Guy, Mitr0 and other pros and community members all reacted.

As with all Fortnite drama, The Fortnite Guy is the expert on the matter. BloodxEU messaged him and claimed he never said that, which would have to mean that Issa photoshopped that message.

But, why would he do that? He’s already been in a full debate with other members of the community and now he would choose to fake a DM for this response? Doesn’t make sense at all. Both Fortnite Guy and Benjyfishy seem to agree that Issa would never to that.

That’s really where this drama sits as of now, but if more developments happen we will update this article.

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