FaZe Mongraal and his Fortnite squad have been accused of being fed information by their coach in the Fortnite Champion Series. A new video shows the interaction.

Stream sniping is a part of every competitive video game known to man. Streamers have to deal with people who want to kill them on the battlefield or otherwise ruin their gaming experience – especially in a battle royale.


Most of the time, this doesn’t involve pro players looking at their competitors’ streams for information. That’s why it was surprising to see Fortnite pro and coach Bloodx accusing an unnamed team of stream sniping during the Fortnite Champion Series finals this past weekend.

According to Bloodx’s tweets, an EU team was using a coach to relay information about where other squads were landing and rotating. “AKA stream sniping,” as he put it.

After more information came out, it appears as though Bloodx was talking about one of the best teams in the region: Mongraal, BenjyFishy, Nayte, and Wolfiez.

Dexerto was able to obtain an exclusive video of the alleged incident. It shows Mongraal talking to his coach, fellow FaZe Clan member DestinysJesus, about the whereabouts of an enemy squad.

Mongraal calls for his squad to grief the team landing near them, to which you can hear DestinysJesus reply, “They’re a different team.”

“Are they contested, Destiny?” Mongraal asked. It’s unclear what Destiny’s answer was to this question, but he relayed that the other squad went to Pleasant Park. “They went Pleasant? What’re they doing there?” Mongraal remarked.

This clip was allegedly taken from one of Mongraal’s YouTube videos. The video has since been edited to exclude this clip.

According to Dexerto’s anonymous source, Destiny was also seen in the chat of another Fortnite squad – although there isn’t any hard evidence to back this up.

Mongraal and his team frequently stream their competitive matches but competed off-stream this past weekend. The squad placed fourth in the region with 79 points, winning $8,000.

The rules of the Fortnite Champion Series don’t explicitly ban in-game coaching, but they are clear on the point of receiving information from outside sources. The rules state that the following may result in disciplinary action:

“Receiving outside assistance regarding the location of other players, other players’ health or equipment, or any other information not otherwise known to the player by the information on his or her own screen (e.g., looking at or attempting to look at spectator monitors while currently in a match).”

This seems to be what Mongraal and his squad were doing during the FNCS qualifiers. It would be a shame to see them disqualified from the competition after qualifying on-stream with no collusion. If this video shows the truth, though, they broke the rules.

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