Fortnite pro Kreo pulls off a legendary save during the Winter Royale with the help of a bugged mechanic.

The Winter Royale was far from the high-stakes Fortnite contests we’re used to. Last year brought us a weekend-long tournament with full coverage from Epic games. The 2019 Winter Royale felt more like a glorified Duo Cash Cup.


Still, the competition was entertaining as many streamers and pro players duked it out for the top prize. We got several memorable moments, including 72hrs rocket riding into the first moving zone.

Over at Slurpy Swamp, pro player Kreo used a bugged mechanic to save his fallen teammate from an early death. Kreo picked him up out of the air before even landing from the Battle Bus.

This strategy was found for the first time by accident. You can pick someone up while parachuting and carry them with you to the ground.

Kreo was able to save his teammate, Bucke, with this method. The latter tried to 50/50 the chest on top of the smokestack. When he died, he had to rely on air support.

Fortunately, Kreo had the perfect angle to swoop in and snag Bucke before floating safely to the ground.

The duo finished 11th on NA-West during this run, taking home $1,800. This save is probably worth that much on its own.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pull this strategy off, but it’s possible. There are very few mobility options in Fortnite, so Epic probably won’t make fixing this bug a priority – assuming that it’s unintended.

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