Sentinels pro Animal has posted a Twitter video that exposes the differences of bloom on controller vs. keyboard and mouse.

The debate over aim assist is one that’s been raging ever since Epic introduced their cross-play tournament structure.

Keyboard and mouse (KBM) players don’t like the idea of getting beamed by the infamous ‘L2 spam.’ Epic has adjusted aim assist, reducing the number of controller players who use the ‘L2 spam’ setting – called Legacy – but that didn’t stop the momentum of the meme.

On the other side of the argument, controller players say that the KBM community benefits in every category apart from aim. KBM players have a higher overall skill ceiling – including in the aim department if they practice enough.

That’s the key point, however: practice. High-level KBM players don’t like the concept of spending hours practicing their aim, only to be out-gunned by a controller player spamming the left trigger.

The prevalence of ‘L2 spam’ has gone down since Epic implemented the new aiming settings. A lot of controller pros now use Linear aim assist – and some even use Exponential. Aiming with these settings does not allow you to lock-on when you tap L2.

There are still several top controller players using Legacy – the aim assist setting that allows for ‘L2 spam.’ There have been arguments that using this setting limits your bloom, which is what Animal was exploring in the clip below.

By the way that Animal is spamming ADS (aim down sights), it’s safe to assume that he’s using the Legacy settings. When you compare this to the bloom he had while using a mouse, the difference is clear.

Will this discrepancy be the case every time? Probably not. I’m a controller player and I get bloomed to death all of the time. Still, spamming L2 is far more consistent than letting your shots fly. I’ve seen it for myself.

For some reason, spamming your ADS on a controller seems to reset the bloom. In response to his first tweet, Animal made it clear that this isn’t a debate on whether or not aim assist is overpowered. He just wants Epic to revert the bloom setting for all platforms.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Epic is going to change anything, here. If they do, it will likely be a nerf to the Legacy ADS-spam rather than a buff to KBM bloom.

What do you think of this clip? Does Epic need to make a change? Let us know in the comments.

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