Bugha announced that he was leaving his squad of Saf, Zayt, and Stretched. He has now announced his new squad for the FCS.

Twitter was bubbling today with the news that one of the top Fortnite pros in the game, Bugha, was leaving his ream of Stretched, Saf, and Zayt.

Bugha alluded to his stream being the issue, stressing that his new squad has to be comfortable streaming their matches.

Today, October 22, Bugha announced to the world who his new squad was going to be.

Bugha’s new team

There you have it. After all that, the gang is back together.

Bugha made it clear that this wasn’t a total troll. He confirmed that he got dropped by the squad, but then guilt-tripped his duo teammate, Stretched, into staying with him. his new team was set to be TSM Cloud, Stretched, Bugha, and Clarity.

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There was a lot of “snaking” going on, as the four explained. Bugha admitted that he was in everyone’s DMs. Zayt and Saf were planning on replacing Bugha with Commandment, according to their stream.

In the end, Bugha’s squad weakened every other major team playing in the FCS, only to get back together in the end. Masterful mind games by one of the top squads in NA East.

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