Team Liquid pro player Tom ’72hrs’ Mulligan pulled off the most ridiculous Shockwave Grenade play, in a truly jaw-dropping highlight.

The shockwave is one of the most useful throwables in the game, allowing you to get a massive boost – or to be used offensively by throwing it at opponents to send them flying from a great height.

However, they are best used to give yourself extra mobility, which is especially important for competitive players who often find themselves in tight, pressured, spots in the final circles.

But, as 72hrs proves, combining the shockwave with the tires near the race track can be even more deadly – provided you can perfect your movement.

With an enemy closing in, the Team Liquid pro manages to perfectly judge his jumps, skating over the map in record time by using successive tire bounces.

After completing the trick, he wipes out the enemy with ease, exclaiming “oh my god” as he did so, shocked by his own play.

Competitive players were mind-blown at the maneuver, but none more so than the enemy who was no doubt surprised to see a flying 72hrs appear seemingly out of nowhere on his screen.

“I came into this post super cynical,” one user wrote, “I’m glad I was proven wrong. This was some speedrunning shit.”


72hrs even saw some the impressed responses, including one that suggested he’s ‘just clowning around’ but always seems to make it work – calling it the ‘meta’.

Unfortunately, this kind of move is not easily replicated, but that won’t stop us from trying if we ever get the chance.