PlayStation Plus members in select regions can download the exclusive Carbon outfit and back bling for free starting on March 26.

Sony revealed their exclusive Carbon Pack in the PlayStation Store on March 26 which includes a free outfit and back bling.

PlayStation 4 owners can purchase PlayStation Plus in one, three, or 12 month increments which unlocks the ability to play online, access online games, and more.

The Carbon Pack will reward players with the Carbon Commando Outfit and Carbon Pack Back Bling for free.

Players will be able to equip the outfit and back bling in Battle Royale and Creative.

If Fortnite players have linked their PlayStation account to their Epic Games account, then they will be able to use the items across different platforms.

The Carbon Pack is only available for PlayStation Plus users, so it is unlikely that we will see these items in the Item Shop.

PlayStation Plus members can redeem the Fortnite Carbon Pack for free as of March 26.

There is currently no end date set to redeem the Carbon Pack, but players should pick it up sooner rather than later in case Epic Games decides to close the deal for good.

The Carbon Pack was first made available to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia before any other regions.

Fortnite players should be able to redeem the Carbon Pack by the end of March 26, as PlayStation’s servers will update for each time zone.

Epic Games has worked with different companies before to offer exclusive Fortnite items, like NVIDIA for the Counterattack Bundle set.

Do you like the Fortnite Carbon pack, and are you going to pick it up if you are a PlayStation Plus member?