Fortnite players have been noticing that there’s an exploitable glitch in the Desert map of Zone Wars, and some are thinking it’s time to vault the map.

Epic Games introduced the high-paced Zone Wars LTM on September 25, giving players a more focused competitive environment to frag out as opposed to the drawn-out affairs of the game’s regular 100-player battle royale mode.

The game starts out by randomly spawning players on the map with inventory items to take with them, since battles will tend to be quick and the zones close in faster than normal. But by taking time for traps to respawn, players can get infinite amounts of inventory items.

Equipment items could make all the difference in Fortnite Zone Wars. Credit: Epic Games

In a Reddit post, user ‘Roxas2301’ showed how simply standing still can net a player plenty of Damage Traps and Launch Pads to take with them into the game’s 5 rounds.

“If you stand still on desert before picking your trap/launchpad you will get infinite items over and over,” they said.

Many people seemed to be able to replicate the exploit, seeing as it’s not that hard to do. Moreover, it seems like a player doesn’t even need to stand still for it to work: “you don’t need to stand still and it’s only for some spawns.”

The bug is a bit too obvious to take advantage of and it could easily give players a leg up seeing as they can spam the traps from the start of the game.

If you stand still on desert before picking your trap/launchpad you will get infinite items over and over. from r/FortniteCompetitive

While Zone Wars can already get hectic when the map starts to close in, the Desert glitch could allow some players extra traps to build up their defenses or Launch Pads for more last-minute rotations.

It’s got to the point where some members of the Fortnite community think it’s time for the devs to vault the LTM map: “This map is broken, Epic please vault.”

Others are finding it a bit hard to have fun on Desert, as it doesn’t seem to be one of the more popular Zone Wars maps: “Fun fact: If you back out of Desert Zone Wars your enjoyment of the game increases.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Epic Games decides to do to either fix the bug or make a bigger change to the LTM map playlist.

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