PC players on older rigs may find Fortnite no longer works on their computer after this season.

Epic Games announced on Friday, June 21st that they will no longer be providing support for a graphics card that doesn’t meet the system requirements.

The official requirement is for a graphics card capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11, and while Epic has worked to keep older graphics cards online, after Season 10 they will no longer be providing that support.

For most people, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a PC built in the last five years you are already in compliance.

DirectX 11-compatible graphics cards became fairly standard by 2013 and NVIDIA first released DirectX 11 in 2010. This list provides the all the known graphics cards supporting Direct X 11 but it was created in 2015. If your graphics card is from any of those companies at a later version you should be fine.

LucasYoshi details another quick way to check the version of graphics card you are using:

Google Trends do show an immediate quick spike in searches for DirectX 11 after the Fortnite tweet was published but they have already begun to subside.

For a while it was ill-advised to buy a new graphics card. That is because the hype of mining cryptocurrency was reaching incredible highs and graphics cards are a key component in a cryptocurrency mining set up.

That caused prices of graphics cards to spike as people were seeing crazy returns on crypto. Since then, prices have returned to earth and sit closer to MSRP levels now while still being a bit inflated.

If you do need to upgrade your graphics card, now would be a solid time to do so, before another cryptocurrency crusade kicks off.

Some people will be affected by this change in Fortnite and if you are one the sooner you buy the new graphics card, the cheaper it will be.

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