Since update v10.40 in Fortnite, players have been forced to confirm they want to leave their edits, which puts them at a disadvantage and they aren’t happy.

Lobbies are opened up across all platforms in Fortnite now meaning Switch, mobile, Xbox One, PS4, and PC players are all playing together.

Skill-based matchmaking has been implemented but controller players now have a new disadvantage that they are up in arms about.

With controller players having a perceiving disadvantage, having an extra step to leave editing makes the gap even larger and players are complaining.

In a post to the subreddit r/FortniteCompetitive, players have called the change “super frustrating” and want this change to be reverted.

The post has over 1000 upvotes along with two Gold awards, so it’s clear there’s a good chunk of players who have the same issue.

Some players have noted they weren’t even aware of the change as they use the “Switch Mode” button as a way to switch back and forth so they don’t need to confirm anything.

Either way, it’s still an annoying process that only affects controller players. If you’re using a keyboard, you’ll be able to bind all of your keys so you aren’t limited by buttons and don’t have to run into issues like this.

If enough players express their displeasure with this switch, Epic Games won’t have any choice but to address it head on.

Epic Games have shown a willingness to stand their ground in the face of controversy, as they managed to keep the mechs in for the entirety of Season 10, despite the constant backlash from streamers and pros alike.

Fortnite Season 10 wraps up on October 13 and we’re likely looking at Season 11 beginning soon after, so we’ll see what Epic have in store for this controller change going forward.

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  1. What they have in store for us is a dying game. I didnt want to admit becasue the game had shitty moments but people adjusted. But towards the end of 9 and all the way through 10, they ruined the game play for pros and bots. Theh merged platforms because the numbers dwindle. The new season and whatever else happens in it will determine how much long they have. They better fix it or it’s over

    • Same for me. I was an exceptional player and scored very close to qualifying for the world cup and absolutely loved the game for a long time but the passion the originally drove me to get good at the game and be the best I could be slowly turned into the only reason I played was because I WAS passionate. I quit towards the mid point of the season, I have not touched or wanted to touch fortnite since. The game is no longer fun as the community around it no longer plays to have fun they play to be good. Dont get me started on how bad of an idea SBMM is, the game is 100% in decline in players and in actual enjoyment. Nothing in fortnite matters anymore. I remember when I felt like everything I did actually mattered toward winning now I just hope I dont get struck with bad rng and hope I dont die to some broken thing they added to protect basically the self esteem of kids that play that aren’t that good at the game. It’s sad but nowadays the thing that kills a game is the developers. This game as big as it was and is, is no exception

  2. I thought something felt off. More changes no one is asking for while I’m still fighting bugs that have been in the game for several seasons.


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