Some competitive Fortnite players may have cracked the code on how the zone moves, enabling them to predict where it’s going next.

Fortnite zones can make or break your game – whether you’re playing public matches or Arena Mode. Getting the zone can be the difference between free loot and materials or a barebones setup.

What if you could predict the pattern of the zone? Well, some players on the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit think they may have figured it out based on testing and analysis.

According to community reporting, the zones will follow a pre-determined pattern. User Menumber1 claimed that the final zone is determined first and the rest of the zones expand outward. In other words: if the first zone pulls to a corner or edge of the map, the second zone will almost always follow.

Anecdotally, I think most players will agree that this theory feels true. It seems like the next zone is always as far as possible when you’re trying to out-heal the first storm circle.

Menumber1 also posted screenshots of streamer and coach ImSpeedyGonzalez analyzing some of Tfue’s recent zones. Unsurprisingly, they all follow the same pattern. The early zones that pull toward the coast continue to drag in that direction.

GullibleFool claimed to do some testing of his own as well and said that 41 out of 43 games followed this pattern. People are lining up to support this theory, although Epic will never confirm whether or not it’s the case.

We don’t – and probably won’t ever – know if this zone prediction is true or not. It could be a coincidence or confirmation bias. Still, it’s worth keeping in mind at all levels of Fortnite play. If you know where the zone is heading next, then you’ll know if you have to run or if you can stick around to farm.

Comment below if you’ve encountered similar patterns or if this theory falls apart based on your experience.

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