One Fortnite player has found an ingenious way to use the brand-new Full Tilt emote to harvest items – including the Loot Llamas. 

Cosmetics purchased from the Fortnite Item Shop aren’t meant to give you an advantage at all – it even says so as a disclaimer. Yet, we’ve seen problems with the Plastic Patroller skins being able to blend in with some trees, and the new Full Tilt emote, which looks like the Naruto Run, being used to dodge bullets

Yet, as more players have got their hands on the new emote, they’ve discovered new uses for it outside of running a bit faster and dodging shots in a not-so-Matrix time-altering way. One player has even found a way to use it to harvest materials. 

In a video posted to the FortniteBR subreddit, user FlynnLiv showcased that players who have the emote equipped to their wheel can run through Loot Llamas to destroy them – which, in turn, drops the loot. 

That means that you don’t have to swing your harvesting tool at it over and over again, or deal with that slightly longer waiting time if you decide to crack it open in the most normal of manners. 

Naruto run breaks the llama 🤔 from r/FortNiteBR

Of course, some commenters quickly pointed out how overpowered this method is, and how it goes against the statement of cosmetics not giving anyone a competitive advantage. 

“Emotes grant no in-game advantage,” commented user L1nkT0m3TV. Another player, Dei477449, however, couldn’t wait to try it out for themselves. “Yo that’s badass, time to go find a llama!” they said. 

While some players may harbor concerns about the Full Tilt emote giving others an advantage in-game, it’s not the first time that Epic Games has been faced with an exploitive emote. 

The comical Deep Dab emote allowed some players to completely duck out of the day of shot if they were stood behind a window. Once that went viral, the developers stepped in with a nerf – and we could be looking at the same story here.