Fortnite’s new Naruto Running emote, known as ‘Full Tilt’ in the game, allows players to zip across the map and one player showed how the emote works on a Driftboard as they dodged every enemy bullet.

September 21 was a big day in Fortnite as Tilted Town transformed into Gotham City and the game introduced two Batman skins and a Catwoman skin for players to purchase.

Later in the day when the item shop update, it added in the Naruto Run emote, which pretty much came out of nowhere.

For those who are unaware, the Naruto Run is when people run with both of their arms behind them with their head tilted slightly forward. It quickly became a pop culture reference and obviously, we can still see its impact here today.

As it turns out, the Naruto Run has might have an added bonus of intimidation, cause players to miss their shots.

Reddit user Efelo75 uploaded a video showing him using the emote on a Driftboard, zipping across the map and dodging bullets along the way.

Of course, he isn’t completely immune to bullets as he does take some damage, but you can see him dodging a weaving as the bullets go into the ground around him.

Players have been loving this emote, and many have been taking to Reddit showing off the new emote, such as user Dontatmeeee jokingly saying everyone in Fortnite is using it right now.

It was only a matter of time until players found a way to run together, and Team Rumble was a perfect opportunity for that.

Reddit user JmanDragn caught a screenshot of several players running out of the storm in unison.

It’s hard to imagine picturing the game would become anything like this when it first debuted back in 2017, but here we are with more pop culture references than ever.

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