There has been a lot of talk about aim assist in Fortnite. One player shows just how powerful Linear aim assist can be.

It’s no secret that the hottest debate in Fortnite focuses on aim assist. Is it too powerful? Do controller players really need that much help? Do the advantages of keyboard and mouse (KBM) outweigh the power of aim assist?


A lot of controller players argue that aim assist is fine the way it is. Most of us are console players, after all, and don’t experience the same FPS that makes PC aim assist so powerful. Many controller-on-console players don’t want the forced cross-platform either, so they respond to aim assist clips saying as much.

One Fortnite player, @lluka_r, showed just how powerful aim assist can be. In this clip, the player’s crosshairs are following his opponent. The catch? He wasn’t even touching his controller.

@lluka_r was using Linear aim assist for this, which is one of the newer settings. The old ‘L2 spam’ setting is called Legacy. To anyone who thinks that L2 spam is extinct: you’re wrong. You just have to switch to Legacy – but that’s another topic.

It’s hard to deny how powerful this aim assist setting can be at close-range. You can track an opponent without even touching your right stick.

For those who don’t know, stick drift refers to one of your sticks moving without you touching it. It happens when your dead zones are low and is usually considered a bad thing for most games.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
Via Epic Games

Fortnite is different, though, as you can see by the power that Linear aim assist has. All of the L2 spammers on Legacy – myself included – should probably consider moving to Linear in the near future.

Keyboard and mouse players have a massive advantage in nearly every category – including aim if you take aim assist away. Your average KBM player can do a lot more with their mechanics than your average controller player can – especially considering that most controller players use a console.

Still, even as a console player, it’s hard to deny that this aim assist setting is probably too powerful. You shouldn’t be rewarded for not moving your sticks. Unfortunately for all of the competitive KBM players, Epic has traditionally dragged their feet when it comes to addressing aim assist in the past.

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