The Fortnite World Cup immediately changed the lives for some of its top performers in the blink of an eye.

At only the age of 13, Thiago ‘King’ Lapp managed to take the Fortnite esports community by storm with a ridiculously impressive 5th place finish at the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals.

His ultra-aggressive style of play allowed him to quickly become a fan-favorite for those tuning-in live to the event from across the globe, and eventually managed to secure a pay-day of $900,000.

King originally hails from Argentina and was the only non-North American player to finish the Solos Finals in the Top 5. At the young age of 13, he just barely made the cut to be eligible for the tournament.

Following the conclusion of the event, a video surfaced of King and his father sharing an especially heartwarming moment after such a successful tournament.

In the video, you can hear King’s father proclaim “todo tuyo,” which translates to “all yours” in English, and shows his father’s pure joy.

Such a life-changing sum of money could make all the difference for any family. With King’s impressive performance at the Fortnite World Cup, we’re sure he’ll find himself back in the winner’s circle in no-time.

Players and community members expressed their newfound fandom of King throughout the tournament, including OpTic Gaming Owner and CEO Hector ‘H3cz’ Rodriguez.

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  1. I wanted to see him fail so hard…. he was dancing on people during a world cup match with money on the line. I’d hate to see how toxic he is in a normal game. Classless little punk

    • That’s part of the game, it’s not being ‘toxic’, personally, I thought it brought a little levity to the competition. Also, why would you want to see anyone fail? That’s way more toxic and classless than dancing on someone in a video game.

      • Taunting players is part of the game? Yeah, I’m sure those players he taunted were totally fine with this kid rubbing it in their face when $3 million is the winner’s prize…. not

        Why would I want a toxic player to succeed? Of course I want him to fail. I’m not saying I want him to die in a plane crash on the way home, I’m just saying I hoped he would fail in a video game tournament… just a little karma…

        • Oh, come on. Dancing as being ‘toxic’? Even when he was playing for World Cup? I cannot see one doing emotes as being toxic. You are probably a player who rages extremely when someone dances on you. Or maybe, I bet you’re quite jealous he earned his well-deserved $900,000.


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