One Fortnite player was wondering where his lost Motorboat disappeared to. He went into Replay Mode to find that the boat parked itself.

One of the reasons we all love Fortnite so much has to do with how hilarious it can be. No matter how many matches of Fortnite you’ve played, the game always finds a way to surprise you.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you experience something that you never thought was possible. Even in Chapter 2, where the content has been relatively stale, players are finding new ways to enjoy Fortnite.

Reddit user u/NJ2244 mad a bizarre clip when he went into Replay Mode to find his lost boat. He couldn’t find the Motorboat after winning a fight but found out that the boat seemed to have parked itself in a makeshift garage.

You couldn’t recreate this moment if you tried. The boat bounced off of a tree, through an open hole in the wall and into a broken building. This is timing like you read about.

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