One Fortnite player has found a hidden message outside of Holly Hedges, which could give us a hint towards the Fortnite Chapter 2 story.

We’re four months into Fortnite Chapter 2, and most players are eagerly awaiting more news of what’s to come. We’ve had temporary events over the course of Season 1, but little that points to an overarching plotline for the new chapter.

What if something was hiding in plain sight? What if we missed a clue that’s been there since the beginning of the season?

Reddit user jtlambert posted a picture to the r/FortniteBR subreddit that showed an aerial view of the location to the northwest of Holly Hedges. The building in the area is shaped like an ‘H,’ which most players assumed was a reference to the closest POI. When you get higher, though, you will notice the spelling of the name ‘Noah.’

Via: u/jtlambert

The most obvious line to draw from this image is to the biblical Noah. Naturally, that points to a potential flood overtaking the Fortnite map at some point.

Following this trail to the Fortnite world leads us to the massive dam in the corner of the map. If the dam breaks, we could experience a cataclysmic flood.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is all about water. Boats are the only vehicle and fishing is the shiny new mechanic added to this chapter. Could this be leading us to a water-filled Fortnite experience?

An event that kicked-off with a massive flood could be interesting, and certainly makes sense. The only question is: where does Epic go from there? It’s not like they can keep the map covered in water for an entire season.

Sure, some POIs will likely be safe, but fighting in the water is far from ideal. Epic could add periodic flooding as they did with the snowstorms during Winterfest, but that doesn’t seem too enticing, either.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Epic has planned. With this new information, though, a flood is certainly on the table.

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