Have you ever wondered what bot-on-bot violence looks like in Fortnite? One player was lucky enough to witness a bot 1v1.

Bots in Fortnite have become one of the more comical elements of the game. Players didn’t know what to expect when Epic first announced that bots were coming to Fortnite. Would they be able to crank 90’s on us or would they be a free kill?

Now, almost two months into Chapter 2, it’s clear that Fortnite bots are as free as kills can be. Epic went ahead and took the “bot” insult to heart. These AI players don’t have any clue what to do when you confront them.

These wall-hitting, no-building bots have generated some hilarious content over the past couple of months. Most recently, one Fortnite player enticed two bots to fight one another in the open field. u/MisterM0H0 uploaded this clip to Reddit.

MisterM0H0 was toying with one of the bots – as many of us do – when a second bot wanted in on the action. The Krampus bot showed some evasive maneuvers in this fight. He even crouched while shooting!

So, now we know what happens when two bots meet in Fortnite. Do they build? Never. Do they hit their shots? Hardly.

It has to be mentioned that the player cut the clip after the Krampus bot won. Let’s hope he didn’t feel the wrath of those ten Pump shots once the tape stopped rolling.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.