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Fortnite player breaks down the full story of the Bears vs. Gnomes

Want to get up to speed in the Bears vs. Gnomes feud? Take a look at this full recap.



While Midas works on his rumored Doomsday Device, a sub-plot has been brewing that involves some of the inanimate objects of the island. The Teddy Bears and Gnomes have been at it for weeks – stealing honey, imprisoning one another, and escalating their feud to an armed conflict outside of Weeping Woods.

Players who have known about this battle have been intervening for some free XP. These challenges weren’t listed but offered rewards nonetheless. You can take a look at how to complete all of the Bears vs. Gnomes challenges here.

We haven’t thought about the storyline of this fight very much. We’ve, simply, been offering challenge guides and moving on – as many other players have. One player, however, took the time to spell out exactly what’s been going on with the Bears and the Gnomes.

Via: u/juances19

According to Reddit user u/juances19, the Gnomes were the ones who started it. They stole pots of honey from the Bears – which we, eventually, returned to them.

We wouldn’t have known where to look if the Bears hadn’t kidnapped and interrogated one of the Gnomes, however. Unfortunately, this prompted a surveillance operation from the Gnomes.

Via: u/juances19

As you can see, we’ve been playing both sides. We helped the Gnomes set up their telescopes so they could spy on the Bears, eventually leading to a hostile takeover and the imprisonment of the former group.

We came back and freed the Bears from their prison cell, but that only made matters worse. The Bears and the Gnomes were set to battle one another on the hill overlooking Weeping Woods.

This time, we decided enough was enough. We stepped in and took the weapons away from both factions. With no more firepower, both groups were forced to come to an agreement and form a truce.

Via: u/juances19

Things could end there – but don’t be so sure. These factions have had some bad blood for a long time. Another theory is that they could be teaming up to take on the players in Season 3.

Either that or Epic just wanted to give us a small way to earn some extra XP. Now know the entire plot of the Bears vs. Gnomes in Fortnite Season 2.


How to launch the Ancient Spaceship in Fortnite

Find out how to find the Fortnite spaceship parts and launch the ship



Secret challenges in Fortnite have been growing since their first release in Chapter Season 2. Fans who knew about these challenges helped intervene in the Bear vs. Gnome conflict that took over the middle part of the season.

When Season 3 released, we had the ability to help the Coral buddies rebuild their lost civilization. It turns out, they were working on a project much bigger than we thought – eventually leading to the Coral Castle that sits in their old home.

The water levels in Fortnite lowered, again, on August 1. This revealed the sunken spaceship that was sitting off the coast of Craggy Cliffs. The previously-leaked challenges are now live, allowing you to help the stranded astronaut rebuild his ship.

To complete this multi-part challenge, you’ll first need to visit the spaceship off the coast of Craggy Cliffs. After that, you’ll be able to start collecting the parts that will allow you to repair the ship. The first part is right next to the ship, under the water. You can’t see it, but there should be a “collect” prompt when you get close enough.

The second part is on the shoreline to the east – under one of the rocks. The third and final piece is embedded in the cliff – many of you have already seen this piece, as it’s been in the game for over a week. Once you collect all of the parts, you can return to the ship, install them, and launch the ship. Here’s a video from EveryDay Fortnite that shows all of the locations you need to visit.

In the end, the ship takes off and leaves a couple of rifts behind. The astronaut will, likely, play a role in the Fortnite story at some point – no matter how small it may be. The presence of Rifts has obvious plot implications as we haven’t seen them enter Chapter 2 in a large way – yet.

This isn’t the last that we saw of this strange spaceship in Fortnite. We’ll be keeping an eye on the sky, going forward.

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How to find 3 balls of yarn at Catty Corner

Here are all locations for the balls of yarn in Catty Corner for the Fortnite Season 3 Week 7 challenges.



The Fortnite Season 3 Week 7 challenges require a bit more searching than most of the challenges from the other weeks. We have to look around Weeping Woods for Floating Rings before heading to Catty Corner and looking for Kit’s balls of yarn.

The locations of these balls of yarn are relatively easy to spot if you’re a frequent visitor of Catty Corner. The first is almost always visible as you glide into Catty, as it sits on the platform outside of the old box factory. The next one is located outside of Kit’s hideout in the gas station, and the third one is just inside – next to one of the chairs. If you need it, the last one is inside the roof of the Big Shots building.

Here’s a video from Fortnite Events, showing exactly where all of the balls of yarn are located.

If you haven’t already, check out our guide to all of the Fortnite Season 3 Week 7 challenges here. As usual, it’s best to complete the bulk of these challenges – including finding the balls of yarn – in Team Rumble. We’ll be back again next week for another challenge guide, so stay tuned!

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How to find the Floating Rings at Weeping Woods

Here are all of the Weeping Woods Floating Ring locations for the Fortnite Season 3 Week 7 challenges.



Fortnite Season 3 Week 7 is upon us, and this week’s challenges are a bit more “grindy” than the were during the first half of the season. It appears as though Epic have fixed the glitch involving the Floating Rings and re-enabled this challenge type. This week, we’ll be venturing to Weeping Woods to find the rings.

There are five rings in total – all surrounding the eastern edge of Weeping Woods. The game files tells us that we’ll only have to collect one ring, but Epic will likely up this number to three or five when the challenges come out. Here’s a look at where all of the rings are located.

Credit: randomChievos

You won’t have much luck if you’re scrounging around on the ground, looking for the Floating Rings. You’ll have to go tree-hopping to find them. All of the rings are located on top of trees, surrounding the POI.

Here’s a video from randomChievos that shows the exact location of all of the Floating Rings in Weeping Woods.

You can take a look at our guide to the rest of the challenges here, including the location of Rapid’s Rest. With any luck, this Floating Ring challenge will be bugged, again, and Epic will auto-complete it for us. If not, then it’s nothing that a game of Team Rumble can’t solve. Happy hunting!

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