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A Fortnite player ate a PlayStation gift card because Epic added a “no-build zone.”



We have officially entered wtf is happening territory in the Fortnite community.

The lack of a change to the mech was certainly annoying but then Epic doubled-down by actually removing the ability to build in one section of the map.

This is an unprecedented move as it was building that really separated Fortnite from the rest of the Battle Royale genre back when the game first became popular.

Now back then, building was pretty rudimentary compared to what it is now, but that was still one of the key mechanics of Fortnite. At the World Cup, it was the best builders who were able to prove successful over and over during the event.

So for Epic to create an area that doesn’t allow building or harvesting, it created quite the stir. First and foremost was the person who commented a month ago and said that if Epic ever did add a no-building zone, he would eat a PlayStation gift card.

Well they did, so he did. Here’s the result:

If Fortnite ever does eventually die, this video will belong on the tombstone. Who even thinks to do something like this?

Personally, my favorite part is that he took a bite of the card before he began filming. Like he just dove right into that thing like he hadn’t had a meal all day.

Then he realizes he should probably film himself eating plastic so he can prove he followed through on the bet.

While his reaction is absolutely the most memorable, plenty of other members of the Fortnite community were vocal about their dislike for the new anti-building feature:


Will The Joker bring C4 back to Fortnite?

With the official trailer for the Last Laugh Bundle released, fans are wondering if The Joker will bring C4 back to Fortnite.



The Last Laugh bundle in Fortnite

On November 10, Epic Games released their first official teaser for the Last Laugh skin bundle – a bundle that was originally announced several months ago. The much-anticipated group will include a new version of Midas, Poison Ivy, and – the one everyone is waiting for – Joker.

It will be interesting to see Joker enter Fortnite during the middle of Marvel-themed season, but Fortnite has already established itself as a universe where all of these characters can exist together. After all, Batman playing in a squad with a Storm Trooper and Demogorgon isn’t as crazy as The Joker and Iron Man playing together.

The trailer for the Last Laugh skin bundle was one of the best Fortnite skin trailers that we’ve seen. It even makes Midas seem like one of the team – as if he and The Joker joined forces after his unfortunate mishap with the shark at the beginning of Season 3.

There was one item that was featured heavily in the trailer – something that everyone will immediately notice: C4. C4 has been in and out of Fortnite for a while, as it was always a powerful way to counter turtling in competitive and casual modes.

The Joker’s return could also trigger (no pun intended) the return of C4. We doubt that it will ever come back to competitive – Epic had to nerf it to the point where players would only find one at a time – but it’s always been a unique, balanced item in core game modes.

Of course, this is only speculation for now. C4 could have been nothing more than a prop in Joker’s release announcement.

The Last Laugh Bundle is set to hit the Item Shop this week, so keep an eye out for that. Until then, we’ll keep you posted with all of your Fortnite news.

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Spider-Man could be coming to Fortnite Season 4

New Fortnite leaks suggest that Spider-Man and Carnage could be making their way to the Fortnite Item Shop in Season 4.



Fortnite Season 4 released yesterday, August 27, and fans are already looking forward to what this means for the future of Fortnite skins. We already have a ton of fan-favorite Marvel heroes in the game – Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Groot, and many others. There’s space for a lot more, however.

One of the most noteworthy exclusions was Spider-Man – arguably, the most popular Marvel hero of all time. Will Spider-Man be coming to Fortnite Season 4?

The early leaks point to: yes. It seems logical for Epic to add Spider-Man to the game – especially considering their cozy relationship with Sony, who owns the rights to Spidey’s likeness in video games. According to multiple data miners, there are strings for a Spider-Man achievement in the game files.

Unlike Black Panther – who has a leaked set of abilities and new POI attached to him – it seems like Spider-Man will be coming to the Item Shop rather than to the Battle Pass.

ShiinaBR, a fellow Fortnite data miner, expanded on this news. He included that Carnage – a popular Spider-Man villain – will likely accompany your friendly neighborhood hero when he eventually makes it to the Item Shop.

Spider-Man could prove to be one of the more popular male Fortnite skins when he comes out. The typical character model for Spider-Man is inherently lean, which will lead to more competitive players using him. This is the same reason that the Chaos Agent gets so much use in competitive matches. Smaller character models are always more popular.

Either way, Spider-Man fans will be happy to learn that their favorite hero didn’t get left out of the Fortnite Marvel crossover. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about this skin and potential set, including Carnage and more Spider-Man cosmetics. This is only a rumor, for now.

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Fortnite theory: Season 4 will close Chapter 2

Will Thor and Galactus return Fortnite players to the Chapter 1 map at the end of Season 4.



Fortnite Season 4 is set to release Thursday, August 27. Epic have confirmed that the next season will feature a strong Marvel theme, which seems to mirror the theme of Chapter 1 Season 4 – only with licensed superheroes.

The initial impression of many fans was that Epic abandoned the plot of Fortnite in favor of a marketing campaign. This narrative made it all the way to Epic Games Creative Director, Donald Mustard. He assured fans that this wasn’t the case and that the Marvel crossover would heavily tie into the Fortnite lore.

Epic and Marvel appear to be collaborating on a comic book that will usher-in Season 4. At the time of writing, we know that Galactus is heading to the Fortnite map with the intention of devouring the world. Thor has arrived in time to warn the inhabitants, but he’s losing his memory in the process.

From what we heard in the Visitor Recordings, this seems to be a symptom of life on the BR island. “When I hear this again, will it help me remember? Or will I be just as muted as the others?”

Before the most recent pages released, YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan released a theory video. In the video, he proposes the idea that Fortnite Season 4 will be the final – or second-to-last – season of Chapter 2. These recent developments only add credibility to this theory.

The idea behind this theory is clear once you read through the comic book pages in Fortnite. Galactus is coming to devour the world. Thor doesn’t seem to be here to save the world, but rather to warn the inhabitants. All signs point to Thor evacuating the island in time for Galactus to consume the Chapter 2 map.

The timing of this being the end of Chapter 2 checks out as well. We’ve only had four seasons, but the first two seasons were nearly twice as long as normal Fortnite seasons. In essence, it’s as if we’ve been through five seasons rather than three, as Sypher states in his video. The rumored end date for Season 4 also puts it about a year from the end of Chapter 1.

Will we transport to an entirely new map? Will Thor send us back to the Chapter 1 map? We have no idea. Right now, though, this seems like the most realistic theory for the end of Fortnite Season 4 – that it will be the last season of Chapter 2.

Most fans hope that we’ll return to the old map at some point, and the presence of these massive, cosmic Marvel characters makes this reality seem to be coming sooner rather than later. We’ll have to wait a couple of months before finding out, of course.

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