We have officially entered wtf is happening territory in the Fortnite community.

The lack of a change to the mech was certainly annoying but then Epic doubled-down by actually removing the ability to build in one section of the map.

This is an unprecedented move as it was building that really separated Fortnite from the rest of the Battle Royale genre back when the game first became popular.

Now back then, building was pretty rudimentary compared to what it is now, but that was still one of the key mechanics of Fortnite. At the World Cup, it was the best builders who were able to prove successful over and over during the event.

So for Epic to create an area that doesn’t allow building or harvesting, it created quite the stir. First and foremost was the person who commented a month ago and said that if Epic ever did add a no-building zone, he would eat a PlayStation gift card.

Well they did, so he did. Here’s the result:

If Fortnite ever does eventually die, this video will belong on the tombstone. Who even thinks to do something like this?

Personally, my favorite part is that he took a bite of the card before he began filming. Like he just dove right into that thing like he hadn’t had a meal all day.

Then he realizes he should probably film himself eating plastic so he can prove he followed through on the bet.

While his reaction is absolutely the most memorable, plenty of other members of the Fortnite community were vocal about their dislike for the new anti-building feature:

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  1. I actually really like tilted town i didnt land at towers often and i hated neo but town i enjoy going to unless your opponent has a minigun then your fucked

  2. Its pretty fun lol. I love using my environment and movement and aim to kill and not deal with spam turbo building n chillin in a box

  3. Oh no the spam builders cant hide in there 1by1 anymore what I shame. Get the hell over it and learn to shoot faster and more accurate with a gun in tilted and play that area like any other battle royal. People need to stop whining about a simple fun change. It adds a bit more challenge to a build spamming games. Anyone can build rapidly but good players can use only guns

    • You are right it’s gonna be great to watch builders fight in tilted town because they don’t practice on guns only build their stupid af 1by1 and build every time you shoot them learn to pick up a gun and shoot instead of building every second cause your making the game bad to play
      This is exactly why I liked season 1-4 cause no one built and it’s better than shooting someone once and them building a tower and start spraying you until they run out of ammo it’s annoying

      • Hey dumbass, building is a core mechanic. You complaining about people building too much is like complaining about people’s aim being too good.

        • im sorry dumb ass but you don’t need it
          So I’m gonna laugh if they take out building because no one is going to know what to do except for the people who don’t try to build after getting shot once and actually fight so I’m sorry but it’s just my opinion so shut the fuck up
          Little kid cause I don’t care

          • If you think they will take building up you are just a complete fucking moron. Grow up kid, and get some better facts instead of spewing your opinion that no one wants to hear. Fucking spas

          • OK then you fucking little prick if you were good then I dare you to not build in a game and see what happens this game has gone to crap because of mechs and the building if they take at least one of them out the game would be better and besides you probably still live in your mother’s basement so I don’t wanna hear from you so shut up and go cry to your mom

          • Touch a nerve did I? Damn man you sound so bitter, probs still masturbate into a sock. And yeah I still live with my mum, much cheaper that way. Still get homecooked meals too. If you don’t like the building which is one of the mechanics that made the game so popular, then go play something that has no building. Fucking cry baby. Wahwah wah they wont take building out wah.

  4. I like this experiment, my only complaint is that they chose to remove neotilted, I mean that place was added last season. They should have changed older places like fatal fields or salty springs since they are always the same boring places.
    Btw I don’t think t town will last the whole season, since leaked challenges refer to the POI as “tilted”, so neotilted or even the OG tilted towers could return

  5. I love this place because there is no panic-building or people killing other people with traps, it’s a fair gun game. I hope this place stays for a long time. Unlike that other no builds mode, this is just a single location and available at all times. It’s great!


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