Another weekend of Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, another accusation of cheating.

Really it is to be expected when you are holding open online tournaments for a chance to be part of a tournament with $30 million in prizes.

People are going to get desperate and do something stupid. In the first week, Epic banned more than 1,200 accounts for cheating.

The majority of those accounts got in trouble for playing in a different region than they were supposed to. But some allegations went further, like teaming with other players and being fed kills.

That last offense is what has put Rise Nation’s XXiF in hot water. XXiF had placed top 60 in multiple high events like Secret Skirmish and Share the Love but didn’t have a top five finish to his name.

Until last week’s NA-East qualifier where he finished second. That locked him up a chance to play in New York at the Fortnite World Cup, but it may be coming crashing down.

Raised by Kings’ pro player HighSky shared a video where you can see XXiF having a really easy time killing two other players.

These are just allegations at this point, but the video in question builds a strong case.

It is important to remember that those two other players are in the top 0.1% of all Fortnite players. Doing things like pickaxing a chest and landing on top of a battle already underway are definitely out of character for those players.

The community has rallied against XXiF quickly. His tweet celebrating his “accomplishment” has a host of replies calling him out for his alleged cheating.

The community has been wrong before, but not usually with this much proof. In the first rounds of qualifiers, a player named Dubs was accused of cheating after he qualified for a spot.

While over 1,200 accounts got banned that week, his wasn’t one of them. That means he will be playing in New York, despite high-profile names like Tfue fueling the accusations.

At this point, it will come down to Epic Games making a ruling. We expect XXiF will be found guilty, but until that point, he is still a qualified player for the Fortnite World Cup.

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