One player was trying to complete their weekly Fortnite challenges when they stumbled upon a new mobility strategy, allowing you to carry downed teammates while flying.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has the least amount of mobility we’ve seen in the game since its inception. We don’t have Bouncers, Shockwaves, Launch Pads, or any other mobility item we’ve had in the past.

This season, it’s all about swimming, running, and driving a boat. The one exception to this fact can be found in the Northeast corner of the map in Steamy Stacks.

Steamy Stacks works like Pressure Plant in Fortnite Season X. The wind tunnel in the stacks blows you up into the air, allowing you to re-deploy your glider and fly to your next destination.

A couple of players accidentally found out that you can carry your teammate while flying in Fortnite – something that few people have had a chance to test.

I was thinking about this last night while playing an old Zone Wars map: could Launch Pads even be in Fortnite right now? How would it work if you hit a Launch Pad while carrying a player?

Well, now we know how it would work. You’d be able to carry the player while soaring through the air. Is this broken, though?

As of now, this strategy only works at Steamy Stacks. It’s not worth addressing or changing when there’s only one place you can fly with a downed teammate. If Launch Pads were in the game, however, you could do it anywhere.

Most Fortnite players assume that Epic will add more mobility to Fortnite. Launch Pads were one of the first mobility items ever added, so it makes sense that they would be making a comeback.

If the Launch Pad came back, would this strategy be overpowered? You could fly away from a fight with a downed teammate on your back. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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