The release of the v9.1 patch has been long awaited as Epic has promised many fixes to come with the update. The downtime information for the patch has now been released by Epic.

Every patch cycle ends and begins with an update. The latest big patch was the season changing v9.0 patch and its follow-up patch, v9.01.

Both of these patches made major changes to the game, but some problems were inevitably introduced along the way. These and other issues are a focus of fixes in v9.10 for Fortnite.

Downtime announced for v9.10

Epic Game has announced the official release and downtime for the v9.10 patch via Twitter.

The v9.01 will arrive for all players on Wednesday, May 22nd. The downtime for the patch is set to begin at 4AM EST.

The picture of the shoe in the above tweet is referring the ‘Fortnite X Jordan’ event that will begin when the patch goes live. We suspect this is the reason for the extended downtime.

The event may include a new LTM, skins, and more. No official details have been released about the event’s content.

The typical downtime for Fortnite usually lasts around 30 minutes to 1 hour, so you can expect at 2 hours or more of downtime. This could change based on how efficiently Epic Games can get the patch out to players.

According to an Epic Games post on May 20th, the v9.10 patch will include a hefty load of audio improvements and changes. These are intended to improve the poor combat audio quality in the game.

Release 9.1 Audio fixes and updates:

  • Switch audio dropout issues fixed for real- apologies, this was meant to be in for 9.0 but we had unexpected technical problems.
  • Fixed location of close-range enemy pickaxe impact sound, so it plays from the impact point and not the player that’s pickaxing.
  • Removed ducking of building sounds when firing your weapon.
  • Lowered the minimum velocity required to trigger a landing sound; this helps prevent players from silently ‘bunny hopping’ up ramps.
  • Added a new jump sound for enemies that’s louder than your own.
  • Increased jump sound attenuation to match enemy footsteps.
  • Reduced the amount of time that it takes the enemy in-air audio loop to kick on, for better awareness of an enemy dropping in on you from above.
  • Boosted volume of occluded footsteps and landing sounds.
  • Tighter spatialization of close-range pickaxe sounds from other players.
  • Added a clearer sound when an enemy confirms an edit on a building piece within ~2 tiles of your position.
  • Removed glider audio tell for players traveling through a Slipstream.
  • Added a new “Headshot + Shield Break” sound, for when the two events occur at the same time. If a shield break is “CHINGSHH” and a headshot is “PA-CHING” then the new sound is “PA-CHINGSHH”.

Check out our article on the entire Epic audio post for more details on the audio changes in v9.10 and beyond.

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