The next patch for Fortnite will arrive shortly and Epic Games has just announced that downtime will be required for the patch. It seems that this patch will not be a simple content update.

Content Updates for Fortnite generally do not require downtime nor downloads, but patch v9.01 looks to be a little different.

Epic Games has announced that downtime will be required for the implementation of the v9.01 patch. The contents of the patch, other than the Tactical Assault Rifle, are not known at this time.

Patch v9.01 Downtime Announced

Patch v9.01 will arrive on Wednesday, May 15th for Fortnite players worldwide. While many expected a simple Content Update, it seems that some downtime will be required to implement the patch.

Epic Games announced the downtime via the official Fortnite Twitter account.

The update could require downtime due to large-scale bug fixes. Season 9 launched with serious texture loading and streaming problems which prevented some players from seeing buildings properly.

In addition, the patch may include some of the preliminary features and data required to implement the HRTF/biaural audio system that Epic has been working on.

This along with other audio updates are scheduled to arrive with the v9.1 patch.

The Tactical Assault Rifle is also set to arrive with the v9.01 update.

Epic Games has not released any official statement or patch notes discussing what the v9.01 patch will fix/change.

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