According to multiple sources, Zak Phelps of Epic Games has confirmed to FaZe Cizzorz that the v7.20 update for Fortnite is planned for Jan 15th or 16.

Zak Phelps is the Executive Producer of Fortnite’s Creative Mode at Epic Games. According to Zak and Cizzorz, patch v7.20 is expected to drop on Tuesday January 15th or Wednesday January 16th.

While this was roughly the expected time and date for the patch, no official confirmation has been given from Epic Games until now.

FaZe Cizzors is the creator of the ever-popular Death Run maps in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. This exchange was likely due to Zak Phelps addressing bugs or concerns within the mode.

What exactly the v7.20 patch entails is not yet known. Epic Games has announced various fixes and quality of life improvements over the last few days, though a big addition has yet to be revealed.

Many players are expecting the previously-teased Drift Board to be added in this update, though Epic has yet to confirm whether this is the case or not.

Various new cosmetic items and a slew of bug fixes are expected, as usual. Stay tuned to @FortniteINTEL / for full v7.20 coverage and official Patch Notes.

What do you hope to see in Fortnite patch v7.20? Are you excited for the Drift Board? Let us know in the replies below.