Many people were confused when the official Fortnite account retweeted a teaser from @elrubius.

English speakers may never have heard of him, but Spanish speakers definitely have. One click through to his account shows all that you need to know.

Rubiu5 has 12.7 million followers on Twitter – that’s five million more than Fortnite – and has over 30 million subscribers on YouTube.

But still, he isn’t known by many English speakers and a lot of people thought that the official Fortnite account was hacked. That was in part because of a weird now-deleted quote tweet of a Destiny clip that came before it.

If this was a hack, they weren’t able to do much

That Destiny quote was likely not a hack but just an error with Tweetdeck, a twitter plug-in that allows social media managers to switch between accounts. It can be relatively easy to accidentally tweet something on the wrong account.

But the Rubiu5 retweet is legit. As people in the comments of the post were quick to point out, the YouTuber actually holds the record for the most ever viewers on a stream of any game.

Rubiu5′ channel topped over 1,000,000 viewers for a YouTuber Fortnite tournament.

While people wondered what was going on, Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau came in to educate. Lucas7Yoshi thought the account may have been hacked, and Slasher had to set him in his place.

Oof. If you are familiar with these two accounts, you may know they come from vastly different backgrounds. Slasher is a longtime esports journalist who has been in this industry since the 2000’s.

Lucas7Yoshi, on the other hand, is a high schooler who has made a name for himself as one of the best Fortnite leakers in the game.

Slasher will obviously have access to a big wealth of knowledge that others like Lucas do not have, and to Lucas’ credit he knew when to admit he was lost and stop posting about it.

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