Lil Nas X’s genre-bending country / RnB hit broke records for popularity and this parody brings the tune to Fortnite.

Created by @EmLovesZelda, the song is part of her tipsy parody series where she takes popular songs and changes the lyrics to Fortnite.

They have entirely new lyrics with a rhyme scheme matching the original and a new vocal recording track laid over the instrumental.

Here’s the Old Town Road Fortnite parody:

My job is literally to look at Fortnite content and community creations all day, and I think this is my favorite thing I have ever come across.

It all works together. The vocals are strong, the lyrics are clever and make sense.

My favorite lyrics are:

Wonder if Jack spent hours
Mourning Tilted Towers
Killed me in a game once
You can go and ask him

Now we just need Jack (@CouRageJD) to see the video.

She even went the extra mile and included the Billy Ray Cyrus verse from the remix which has become the preferred version of the song.

If you want to compare it to the original, here’s the Old Town Road music video:

Her Old Town Road parody is her most recent but other parodies on her channel include Chainsmokers, Taylor Swift and Post Malone.

The thread below shows a wide variety of her work. Despite the amount of effort put into each of these videos, she hasn’t gained a significant following so hopefully she can get more eyes on her work soon.

What do you think of this unique parody?

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