Currently, leakers and players have found and uploaded an unreleased APK file of the Android version of Fortnite Battle Royale. You can download the APK and run it on your Android device, but only certain ones are supported.

  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy A7 2017
  • Galaxy on7 2016
  • Galaxy S7/Edge
  • Galaxy S8/Plus
  • Galaxy S9/Plus

We will not be sharing the link ourselves, but the APK has been shared on the r/FortniteLeaks subreddit. We don’t recommend downloading it either, so if you choose to then download at your own discretion.


Right Now There’s No Android Servers. The Only Way to Play is to Invite A Friend on a Different Platform and Then Make Them Party Leader

To get past the “Update Required” screen after you’ve downloaded the app and downloaded the content all you have to do is:

  • Restart the app
  • When you’re on the blue loading screen, turn on airplane mode until you get a message that you are not connected.
  • With airplane mode still on, turn on wifi and click ‘retry’.
  • Done!

You should be logged in now. If you’re having problems and it’s saying unauthorized, keep clicking ‘retry’ until it logs you in.

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