The NFL have revealed some more details through a press release.

“In addition to NFL team outfits, there will be football-themed emotes, harvesting tools, gliders, and even a referee outfit, so players can bring their passion for football into Fortnite.”

“Once a player owns an NFL team outfit they will be able to choose a uniform from any of the League’s 32 teams and customize the jersey with a number of their choice (1-99). The NFL team outfits will be available as both male and female figures and can be customized with a different team/number each time a player uses the outfit in Fortnite.​”

Epic Games have released a blog post announcing a partnership between Fortnite and the National Football League. 

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite will be partnering to bring NFL outfits and cosmetics to the game on November 9th. This is not the first time they have brought a partnership like this, nor is it the first time they’ve brought sports into the game.

Fortnite has had football/soccer cosmetics in the game for months, and with similar features to these upcoming NFL cosmetics. They also partnered with Marvel Entertainment to bring Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War to the game with a brand new Limited Time Mode which allowed players to take control of the villain.

The blog post is as follows:

“Hey Fortnite friends,

We’re excited to announce that Fortnite and the NFL are teaming up for the ultimate football face-off. Starting November 9 at 7PM ET you’ll be able to purchase NFL themed Outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop.

Each Outfit can be swapped to any of the thirty-two NFL teams, plus an additional unique Fortnite team. You’ll also be able to choose any number from 0-99 to place on your jersey to complete the official NFL look.

We couldn’t be more excited to cross the NFL and Fortnite worlds!”


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