Going back to the Fortnite Main Menu could be old news if this concept is ever adapted by Epic Games.

You have definitely had this moment before: Imagine the Season is about to end and you still have multiple weeks’ worth of challenges to complete, meaning that you’ll need to drop-in to a ridiculous amount of games in a short period of time.

However, after dying a cruel death over and over, you start to get annoyed with how much time you need to spend in the Main Menu.

This conundrum has been felt by many throughout the Fortnite community. Even if you’re not trying to mine challenges, it would be nice not needing to return to the Main Menu while in the middle of a session.

With that being said, Reddit user ‘/u/GameboyUK_’ devised a simple, yet incredibly helpful, concept which would allow players to receive a ‘Start New Game’ option after dying.

No more time being wasted at the Main Menu! | IMG: u/GameboyUK_

Such an addition to Fortnite would allow your matches to go by so quickly, and would probably be a hit among community members.

Personally, the only thing I would add would be the option to change cosmetics in the post-death screen, rather than needing to go in with your current loadout.

It should definitely be noted that Epic Games have added a variety of fan-made concepts to Fortnite over the past nine Seasons. Yet, it is still unknown if they have any plan to add a ‘new game’ menu option in the death screen.

Is this a concept that Epic should consider for Fortnite Season 10? Let us know in the comment section below!

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